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To whom it may concern, let me tell you that this product is all they say and more. It's fast, it's consistent, and it works. It has become the end-all for my wife and I. When we're up to our eyeballs in the stress and hardship of life this product delivers a peace that is unsurpassed by anything we've tried before. It's real and we adore it. Get it cause it works. God bless the Harrelson's for the commitment to this product. Yours in life.
John and Laurie K.

I can’t really imagine going without my Harrelson’s Hemp. It is so interesting how it can help with such different things. When I wake up in the middle of the night I take it and it helps me relax and fall back asleep. But then I take it with my coffee in the morning because it helps me get focused, and again during the day when I need a little reset. I recommend Harrelson’s Own Hemp to anyone. I think their proprietary Terpene blend is their magic sauce.
Matt O.

I've been using Hemp for 5 years. Tried 'em all, but this stuff blew me away. I'm pretty in-tune with my body/health, so I might notice these things more than most, but whoa. A couple sprays chills me out, no stress. A bunch of sprays and I'm ready to GO!...like espresso without the anxiety. Awake, focused, calm as a Zen monk. Happy side effect I've noticed is way less neck/shoulder pain, which I've felt with topical Hemp's, but this seems to work from the inside out? CRAZY. Been using it every day for months now and noticed a massive change in energy/mood/stress. Many thumbs up and all the stars on this one, folks ;)

I have been using Harrelson‘s Own for over a year and it has literally changed my life. I tried every oral Hemp product on the market and nothing compared. I get headaches regularly and used to take ibuprofen a few times a week. Now, I take it maybe every few months! I also feel this product makes a huge difference on my stress levels. And, I keep it by my bedside. Sometimes at night I will wake up feeling achy or my brain ticking and have a hard time going back to sleep. I find that if I take some, it helps me to quickly fall back into a deep sleep. I also like the natural, minty taste. I find it refreshing. The oil based products are hard to even swallow. I can’t say enough good things about it. I LOVE IT!!!
Melissa M.

This is my first review ever of anything…a restaurant, on amazon etc.. I saw this product on TV. On my second viewing I was curious, and third time I Googled it and said why not. Let me get into details...this product has no 'marijuana' feelings. Simply put, a few minutes after spraying it under the tongue my anxiety goes from wherever it was to half. I started this product on a Saturday and by Monday I noticed my maladaptive day dreaming was about from a 10 to a 4. I felt compelled to let go of long setting angers and resentments. BUT IT GETS BETTER...my mother who is well into senility and early dementia had mood swings that have catalyzed the family into researching managed care. Since we started her on THREE MEASLY SPRAYS A DAY of Harrelson’s Own she has gone from a tempestuous volatile person to a simply reasonable human being. The change has transformed out entire family dynamic and we are all scientists and engineers who know data. We can attribute this only to Harrelson’s Own.
Kamran G.

I personally love Harrelson's Own Hemp. I used to have a huge anger management problem, but after taking Harrelson's Own on a consistent basis my anger problem has dropped immensely. Anyone, considering buying it for yourself or even for someone you know, I would highly recommend you do so. Because it is, that good...
Darren S.

Got this for my wife. She has lots of nerve pain. It doesn’t stop the pain but it helps her to have a normal day where before she was sleeping or lying around most of the day. Now she is cooking and staying busy every day. She uses it normally 2 times a day and has a wonderful normal day. Works great. Thank you.
Wayne B.

I just love this product. As a working wife and mom I need focus and a sense of calm 24/7 and Harrelson's Own gives me both. I have tried many other Hemp products and nothing else has worked for me the way this does. Harrelson's Own has helped me to love what I do so that I do it better and it has made me more lovable to my family as well!!!
Melanie J.

Not only does this taste a million times nicer than other Hemp's I've tried (and I have tried a LOT) but I also noticed the effects way quicker due to the consistency of the product and the fast absorption rate. It's helped me during sleepless nights, anxiety riddled days & stressful moments (and let's face it, I'm sure we've ALL had our fair share of those over the last year!), pepped me up on hangovers, and generally just helped with my happiness as an all around. Love the packaging and love how easy it is to use. Sold!
Dorothy P.

I've never tried any Hemp before. I've researched it. Been in the stores which the salespersons made it more confusing. I saw the Harrelson’s Own advertisement on TV and it was explained simply and in a manner that I just had to try it. It lives up to the fast and lasting calming effects, but what makes me a loyal customer is the fact that a lot of my daily aches and pains have been reduced to almost nothing. I also stopped the melatonin to fall and stay asleep. I stand behind this product, and by the way, the customer service is awesome. No pressure sales tactics. They let their product do the talking. Great job folks! Thank you!
Rex W.

This is an amazing product. Helps me with migraines, that I have had for years. I also have pinched nerves on both sides of my neck, it helps me tolerate the pain. I also broke my back in a car accident and used to live with the pain every day until I started Using this! I have tried many other Hemp products and none of them work as good as this one. I also get anxiety really bad, and I just use Harrelson’s Own and it helps me.
Debbie D.

I have been using harrelson’s own Hemp for 3 weeks for general stress and relaxation. I am sleeping better too and for me it’s cutting down on tension. Yesterday, while driving someone cut in front of me almost clipping my fender. I thought to myself: "wow! I don't feel like screaming, honking, or tailgating..." Progress! I also like this oral spray delivery method. It seems to affect me faster than the under-tongue kinds I’ve tried, and I like that it is organic.
Eric W.

Absolutely LOVE this product! Truly life changing! Literal sense of calm almost instantly and I love the flavor. Even takes the edge off of my PMS! Planning on subscription purchase as this is a wellness game changer for me!
Stepanie M.

I Love my Harrelson's Own Hemp spray!!. When I'm anxious or nervous, It instantly calms me and enables me to relax and focus. It's the first Hemp I've ever tried that actually works. It tastes great and is so easy to use. I'm impressed by how it is sourced and made as well. When you just need to take the edge off, it is the perfect solution, especially now when there is so much stress in our lives.
Debbie R.

WOW. I have tried a variety of Hemp products of different types, but this is by far the absolute BEST!!! I have PTSD that comes with some pretty intense anxiety symptoms. Harrelson's Own gave me the best day I've had in I don't know how many years. THANK YOU! I am a believer and a fan forever.

I’ve been using Harrelsons Own for a few days now and I am amazed at how great I feel. I used to get daily headaches and since taking the product, they have completely gone away. It’s super easy to use as you just spray into your mouth. I recommend this highly.
Jeremy R.

I feel like I get situational anxiety when I am overstimulated or stressed. I really like how fast acting this is and within minutes I feel grounded and think clear again. The Hemp being water based is way more palatable then and oil based Hemp -- who likes putting oil in their mouth anyways?! Harrelson’s Own customer service is excellent. They always reply quickly and take care of their customers. I love their product.
Megan C.

I've been using Hemp for about a little over a year now...mainly gummies as that's what is available locally at shops that I go to. I tried a few oils too until I was told about this product through a friend. I do feel the effects much quicker than the gummies and definitely quicker than any brand of oil that I've tried (2 or 3). The container is easy to use and easy to control how much to take. One bottle lasted me a few weeks and I pretty much take it throughout the day. Just ordered 4 more....nice discount when you order in bulk. If you're into Hemp worth a try.

I've been meaning to reach out and write a review because this is the best Hemp I've ever used. I have had a stressful life as of recent, and I look to natural holistic remedies to help me. I've been using Hemp for several years now, and I have to say that Harrelson's Own is my favorite. It tastes good, to start with, it's convenient because of the packaging, the price is right, and it relaxes me without making me spacy. You won't be disappointed.
John L.

This is really good. I like how quickly it works. It is nice and compact I can take it with me on the go. I use it for my headaches and to help me sleep. The best part is it also helps with the inflammation in my knee. This is good quick relief! So glad I tried it.
Dawn M.

I was so impressed by how QUICKLY this worked in my system! Being water soluble makes it faster for my body to absorb and i could feel the difference. I've used lots of oil Hemp products before that leave that residue and funny taste in your mouth for a long time, this has none of that. It's got a fresh minty taste. And more importantly I notice the calming effect in my mind and body much faster than the oil products. Love it so much!!!
Claire C.

Since I started Harrelson’s Own, I've noticed some relief of joint pain. In addition, I've had clearer skin. I've experienced a better ability to just clear my head when I'm steamed at something as well. I would recommend it for sure!
The Motivator

I have two bad knees and had a severe back injury. After the first use of Harrelson's Own I had more relief from the pain than I was getting from my Percocet and without all the drowsiness or other side effects. It is better than any of the drops I have tried over the years and the taste isn't bad either.
Richard Z.

I was skeptical of this product, but needed something to reduce my anxiety, and PTSD from some horrific experiences I've encountered the past 10 years. Harrelson's Own works! It's fast acting, and I like how convenient it is to carry and pack. It's such a relief to know when those panic attacks or anxiety rushes present themselves, HO Hemp will eliminate those experiences within 20 minutes.
Laura C.

I am very pleased with how fast I actually feel calmer. Always have it with me and it helps tremendously with my panic attacks. Thank you Harrelsons Own!
Peggy M.

After trying a few creams, I decided to give Harrelson's Own a try. The container is compact and it is so easy to use. It helps with the late night mind wandering, making it easier to get to bed. I love that I can buy on a subscription plan and save money.
Michael M.

Today was my real test to see if I could walk all around Yellowstone National Park and not be in pain. I have been off all the other supplements I usually take for knee pain to see how well the Harrelson's Own worked by itself. It worked and I have very minimal discomfort, but not extreme pain. I took it several times during the day to help with the inflammation.
Judy R.

Harrelson's own is the best! I've tried several other brands of Hemp with little to no results. Harrelson's own is the only one that works for me and it works quickly within minutes. I've dealt with back and knee pain for years and this product truly changed my life. Highly recommended!!
Brian K.

Harrelson's Own is a wonderful product that lives up to its promises. My sleep has greatly improved; inflammation in my joints is less, I feel fine, and don't worry as much. Price is fair, it's nicely packaged, the mint flavor is good, it works quickly, delivery was in two days. I'll keep buying.
Mary K.

I am glad I came across this on the TV commercial and decided to give it a whirl. It has helped me sleep and calms you down during the day. The product itself is easy to use. The spray feature is nice…a couple of sprays under the tongue and you are done. I really like the fact that you can do this as a subscription and it ships automatically at a cheaper price! The vanilla/mint flavor even freshens your breath!
Michael C.

I bought this product for my wife several months ago. She was having many issues not sleeping. Since taking this product she has been sleeping very well every night. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is having problems sleeping.
Jack S.

Great Hemp product. I use Harrelson's Own Hemp mostly for bad headaches and it really helps. It also helps take the edge off when need be, makes me feel more calm. It works much faster than any other Hemp products I have tried before. I'm pleased and will def buy it again as I always like to have a bottle in my purse.
Samira B.

I was skeptical at first, only because I tried Hemp oil and got no results. But Harrelson's own worked! It is the best stuff I have found, and I like that you can subscribe and get it shipped at regular intervals. You just let em know when. Thank you to all involved in creating it!
Bruce P.

A friend of mine recommended this product to me and am highly impressed! I've used tinctures before in the past. This helps greatly with alleviating anxiety, and also helps with being able to focus. I'd recommend this product to anyone interested in Hemp products!
Mez K.

I'm a relatively new user of Hemp oil. A relative suggested I try it for better sleep, relaxation, and mental sharpness. I use it before I sleep at night, and whenever I'm feeling stressed, a few sprays help me feel calmer and more focused. In addition, I like the taste. :)
Vickie H.

This Hemp product has made a big difference in my life. Friends used to tell me that I was 'harsh'. Now they comment on how 'mellow' I am in situations that used to bug me a bunch. Harrelson's Own also has the best customer service I have ever encountered. No hassles, no questions, just 'boom', here's the answer to your question, problem, comment, etc.. I will be a long-time customer!
Paca R.

I’ve been part of a pain clinic for over 20 years. Over the past year I’ve tried a few different Hemp products. All third party tested for cleanness. Harrelson’s Own is by far the best I’ve found! It has helped so much with pain. With addiction having become such a problem, it’s nice to have a product that is just good for you. Being water infused instead of it being in oil is amazing. And the minty taste is a plus!
Deb A.

There are a ton of Hemp products out there. Seems like you can buy them anywhere now. So naturally I am skeptical. Just because it has Hemp in it doesn't mean it's a good Hemp product. There are big differences in the way Hemp can be extracted and delivered. I've tried a ton of these. Most are more oil (not always good for you) than active Hemp. I am discerning to say the least. I know the benefits that Hemp can have in your life. I've seen it both first hand and in my cousin who had nervous system issues. What I like about Harrelson's Own is the nano emulsification. Not many people are doing that and it helps significantly in terms of absorption and in terms of what they have to pair the Hemp with to be consumable. HO is one of the cleanest way to incorporate Hemp into your life. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of their limited product offering. I want it in larger amounts to get the price down. I also want them to expand their uses to topical creams. All in all one of the best Hemp products I have found. If I find a better one I'll come back and update this space.
Trevor S.

Works far better than any Hemp "Gummies" on the market. How do I know? Because I haven't wanted to strangle my co-workers since I've been taking it!! I'm pretty sure they don't want to strangle me, either. So, there's that.
Missez P.

The effects of this spray is almost immediate. It’s very calming very relaxing. You are never loopy or out of sorts, just calm. In extremely tense situations, a couple of squirts is like liquid zen. A couple I was hanging out with were in the brink of a stupid, mindless couple argument. I whipped out the spray for them and a calm conversation with each seeing the other point of view prevailed. They still didn't agree but they talked.
Miss M.

I have been using Harrelson’s Own Hemp for about a month. Because of COVID-19, It has been one year since I filed for divorce and I am still not divorced. Courts closed etc., so I wanted something to calm my nerves and to help me cope with my situation and take one day at a time. I tried Harrelson’s Own Hemp and as I found the right amount, it did calm my nerves and my mood. It just made my days better. I am very satisfied with it.
Evelyn P.

I have been using Harrelsons Own Hemp for a month now and very happy with the results. My days are much more calm and less stressful, especially when my 2 year old great grandson is spending the day at my house. Thank you Brett!
Marilyn S.

I was very skeptical when I ordered this. But to my surprise it really works. I only have to use it once a day. Really evens out my mood. I'm very satisfied with this. I would highly recommend it.
Martha S.

This is my first time using any Hemp product and Harrelson’s own has been working well for me. Whenever I'm a bit stressed at work or have trouble sleeping due to my mind running a mile a minute, I just spray Harrelson’s Own and I'm able to just be calm and handle things easily…and it helps me sleep at night. I highly recommend it for anyone trying out Hemp and I do like the taste as well.
Damien L.

Best oral Hemp product you will find. Fast acting and pleasant tasting. Very reasonably priced when you buy more than one also.
Leon C.

I have tried other Hemp products before but with unsatisfactory results. After reading all about Harrelson's Own, I decided to give it a try. The results are subtle, but enough to take the edge off of pain and/or anxiety during the day and to help me fall back asleep in the middle of the night. And it does work quickly. I have signed up for Subscribe and Save, which is saving me $16 per bottle. Thank you!

Product received was as described. Pleasant taste. Very fine "atomized" spray absorbs fast. Nice package.
Wayne P.

I've been using Harrelsons Own for 6 months it is the best Hemp on the market. Fast acting and taste great order yours today you won't be sorry.
Sheldon R.

I ordered this product a month ago, started using it that day and within 2 weeks I could tell a huge difference...it has changed my whole outlook on life. No more pain in my knees, I don’t hurt, I am truly a firm believer in this and will continue to use it. I highly recommend...
Doug C.

Great Product. I usually use Hemp to help me sleep. With the oils that I usually use I have to wait 30 - 60 minutes before I feel the effects whereas with Harrelson’s Own’s water soluable formula it acts right away and I fall asleep faster. I highly recommend to those that have trouble falling asleep.
Craig B.

This has been a life saver for me. There was a death in the family and it really helped me focus at work and help me deal. I recommend using this to anyone.Awesome product!!
Joe L.

Harrelson's Own helps me with back pain and anxiety. I shattered two vertebrae in a fall many years ago. Harrelson's Own really helps take the edge off and makes the pain much more tolerable. Thanks for a great product!
Jeff B.

With all of the latest stress in today’s world, I started looking towards Hemp products to help with my anxiety. Enter Harrelson’s Own Hemp! My interest started from the recognizable name, and I’m extremely satisfied with the results. I’ve experienced an overall addition of some calm to my life and it tastes great too. I keep it in my bag and take it with me wherever I go. The bottle recommends 3-6 sprays per use, but I’ve found that 3 sprays works for me. Looks like I’ll get even more bang for my buck with this product. I will definitely be getting some more of this.
Rob S.

Great Hemp. Quick absorption aids in deep sleep when taken before bed. Also helps alleviate muscle aches and general pain. I’ve tried numerous brands of hemp & find Harrelson’s tops them all.
Hot S.

I’ve been using Hemp for many years, and as anyone who uses it knows Hemp is not cheap. Some things work and some don’t. When I find an item that works it makes it worth it to keep me out of pain. I start my day with 7 sprays and I end my day with 7 sprays!! It also tastes pretty good in comparison to a lot of others that I’ve had. This is definitely a product that I like and will continue to use.
Kyle W.

I recently tried Harrelson’s Own Hemp Spray. Let me tell you this is the real thing. I have been taking it for my knee pain and it has helped better than all the other hemp oils (I have tried many) and it works quick!
Dean O.
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